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   A non-profit sanctioned AAU girls and boys basketball club.

     The philosophy of Redding Extreme basketball is to organize, administer and maintain a highly competitive basketball program. We strive to provide our participants with  educational instruction in individual and team basketball skills, and to create an environment that encourages fun in the game, the spirit of sportsmanship, as well as commitment to self discipline and teamwork.      

      Participants should learn the importance of mental preparation in the sport as it is in life. Communication is an important goal in developing a deeper understanding of the game and an integral part of teamwork.

     Players from the local area will benefit from playing together and learning from each other in a very positive learning environment. They will participate in tournaments throughout Northern California, Nevada and Oregon. With the opportunity to compete with the top players from  those areas.  Non traveling players will get the same benefit working out with teams to build their basketball skills and knowledge.

     Redding Extreme Basketball will do all it can to facilitate a working relationship with it’s players and parents to make the experience competitive, fun and enjoyable.

     We are looking forward to starting our Fall season on September 8th, 2013.  If your interested in playing for the Fall Season call Rick @ 530-524-2505.   Any Questions please give Rick Sherman a call at 530-524-2505. Email @ rick@reddingextreme.com





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